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Sissy Training at My Sissy School

Sissy Training at My Sissy School


Username: fick-maschine
Description: Sissy Training at My Sissy School
Category: Balloon Fetish Top 100
Member Since: 2011-11-24

Average Rating: 5 / 5
Number of Ratings: 68

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2019-06-11 12:25:58
Sissy Cuckold | I wish to be the proper sissy i can be. Would love to find someone who sees me as a sissy and understand that i am plus size. I am on limited income but i will do my best to figure something out. I am also seeking to be a cuckold since i cant please anyone. If it is agreeable to all parties, Sissy is willing to become a female. Please understand my limits. Sissy knew she was a sissy as she love makeup fingernail polish panties dresses toys. Sissy also realises that she should be a cuck as she cannot please no one with her useless body part. Sissy knows that women should be in control of the sissies. Sissies are always up to no good doing very naughty things.

2019-06-10 12:56:45

2019-06-07 09:59:52
Sissy Feminization | It was not until a few years ago that I started to identify myself as a Sissy. I have always fantasized about feminization and have always been submissive. Other than a modest wardrobe of womens clothing and a few toys, I have not pursued this desire very far. I want to learn how to best serve women and make up for my inadequacies. I am ready to commit and fully explore the depths of my sissy desires. I do not know what my limits are, if I have any, but I would like to explore this with help from professionals and other experienced sissies. I want to know why I yearn to be controlled, degraded and feminized.

2019-06-06 11:19:32
Sissy School | Feminization | Im a bi sexual guy who wish to be feminized and transformed into a sissy, i tried some other online tutorials but they didn't work out well for me so i tried another approach where i enrolled at MySissySchool into a community of other sissies and doms to teach me and make me one of them.

2019-06-04 23:40:50
Sissy Hypnosis | Thank you Head Mistress, all I can think of is satin sheets and lingerie, and the scent of your perfume.

2019-05-28 00:17:42
Sissy School. i am a femme submissive male who adores Women and wishes to submit to Woman. i really do enjoy exploring my submissive feminine side. i adore silky stockings and lingerie, lingering lipstick kisses, the tight control of girdles and pencil skirts, the subtle bondage of high heels, and the hot, humiliating burn of a good OTK spanking. i am so in love with the Feminine that i want to be feminine in all ways possible.

2019-05-26 14:45:36
I want to be the best sissy there is. I love wearing panties, and have recently started locking myself up. Here to learn more about how to become a good slut. I love all the Free Sissy Hypnosis at My Sissy School.

2019-04-12 15:03:00
Antrag auf Registrierung bei MySissySchool. Sehr geehrte Schulleiterin, hiermit möchte ich in aller Höflichkeit einen Antrag auf Einschreibung an der My Sissy School stellen. Ich habe Ihre Bedinngungen sorkfälltig studiert und stimme diesen hirmit zu. Ich werde zu jeder Zeit eine folgsame und willige Sissy sein. Hochachtungsvoll, Sissyprincess

2015-02-10 10:30:35
Honey, being a sissy is not something we do, it is a state of mind. The things we do and the behaviours we develop are a genuine manifestation of the state of our hearts. When you approach your sissy experience in this way, it becomes very easy to be a good sissy which will become evident to all because of your successful sex change, or gender reassignment. A good sissy seeks an experience that transcends the crass sexual context and extends to every part of ones life. Finally, exposure to everyone the sissy knows is a final confirmation that you have arrived. Once everyone you know understands that you want to become a woman and have sex with men, your sissyness is almost complete. Hormone treatment should be well under way by this time and you should be well versed in the cost and details of Feminizing Facial Surgery and Sex Reassignment Surgery. A good sissy is motivated simply by the desire to be a girl. A good sissy wants nothing more than to be a girl.

2015-02-09 13:33:19
i was dressed in a cute miniskirt, heels, bra and panties. Mistress put some of her perfume on me
~ sissy janet

2014-07-04 18:40:00
I have stepped into My Office, long cane in hand, to check your homework sissies

2014-06-18 17:09:49
is now in Detention, for misbehaviour in Class of 2014.

I expect to see 100 hand written lines:
"i am a sissy and i must not cheat"

When this assignment is completed, you may be permitted to go back to Basic entry Classrooms.

2014-05-29 11:30:37
Hi Headmistress Kitty, I hope you are well. I just wanted to share a fantasy I have with you. I would love to be feminized, sissyfied, collared and locked in chastity, by a group of young women and have them setup a gangbang. The women would be all sitting around in a room drinking, calling me emasculating names and laughing at me and I would be in the middle of that room dressed as a schoolgurl slut. At least 15 well built men with big thick cocks are invited over and when they all arrive they help themselves to me. They bend me over a table, hold me down and without asking my permission, pull my panties down, grease me up, put their throbbing cock against my sissy hole and push, then grab my hair and pound my ass bareback while calling me bitch and other emasculating names, until they blow sperm into my sissy bottom, then hold me down for the next guy to fuck bareback.

I have been sodomized in front of a large group of men before and I loved it, but never a woman. It would be so humiliating and emasculating. I would LOVE it

2014-04-23 09:37:42
hello beautiful Mistress.

slave girl tiffany is almost ready to journey to the other side of the world.

after spending the past year going through some rough times, I think I am almost at the stage of entering my new life.

a life as your 24/7 slave transgender girl.

I have been dressing every day now for a month, worn male clothing only twice in that time. this has included public every day.

apart from you having me dress fem fulltime, were you looking at me being your full time ashtray and maybe toilet too?

as for travel, would landing direct into berlin be ok.

I am also in the process of seeking the builder of a very nice dildo I have seen. 6-inch thick. think you would look amazing wearing it around your powerful thighs while smoking a sexy montecristo.

2014-04-10 02:08:30
my sissy school holidays

hello Mistresses & gurls,
well what a nice long break from having to go to school, i think we should have a break more often ?

i have been doing lots of practicing in things like makeup application and walking in high heels
over the break i bought myself a new toy (as pictured in the sissy lounge forum) a fucking machine from china.

i must confess that my pussy is still very sore from its overuse and i am now having a rest from it now that class is back in.

maybe i can smuggle it to school in my bag so the other gurls can enjoy ???

thats about it really, just fucking myself silly and being a naughty gurl as i am meant to be :-)

i have also joined a few other sites, talking with other gurls and hoping to have some real life meetings so i can suck their yummy clittys :-)

i am also still waiting for my lori tube to arrive, which shouldnt be long now as this boi thing between my legs is sometimes a bad influence on me lol...

well thats me, would be interested in what the other gurls got up to ?

sissy chastity xx

2014-03-06 16:58:03
I am a little sissy puppet

2014-03-05 16:17:11
greetings Head Mistress, this sissy is also very willing to be pimped out for Your pleasure. i would love to be Your whore. waiting for Your further commands M'Lady

2014-03-01 17:48:31
Cum tastes warm and yeasty and malty. Much like beer before the fermentation process.

If cum tastes salty you should tell the man to reduce his salt intake as he is consuming too much and it is not good for his health.

Smoking, cabbage and some other greens, some cheeses and wines can taint the taste of cum making it unpleasant. And lots of fruit will make it even tastier.

If possible, a sissy should consume at least a quart of cum a day. It is good for you and you can have all you desire and not fear any weight gain. The calories in the cum will be less that is burned getting it.

2014-02-27 12:19:16
After my sister caught me in her clothes, she and her girlfriends dressed me as a total girl and took me downtown to several ladies shops. They had me try on dresses and skirts, tops and blouses and then also heels and sandals too. I had to walk around in the stores so as to show everyone how I looked.

Its was all so exciting being dressed as a real girl and hanging out with the girls for a day.

2014-02-24 15:10:53
Dearest Headmistress,
I want to tell you that I am always sitting to use the toilet now like a sissy should and that I have stopped my pathetic complaining about the difficulty of using talcum powder all the time and i now carry a small bottle of scented talc at all times. Thank You for your patience with me. curtsey, sissy.

2014-02-23 18:40:40
Sissy Foot Exercises, Walking in High Heels, by Queen Aunty Niki.

Hello Gurls,
Lets talk today about walking in high heels

2014-02-20 09:40:05
Dear Delilah,
We do know that the outside world can be very harsh when young people discover that they are in the wrong body, often to much descriminated, classified.
this making that you would start to hide repress who you truly are inside you, making you unhappy as that outside world forces you to be a person you not really are. you are not the first person who has to experience this. and yes the younger you are the harder it feels as it feels like you cannot go somewhere to talk, share about your feelings.

That is why the HeadMistress created the Sissyschool, that is why We are opening very soon The House Of Mamasan.
The Sissyschool helps people with information, lessons and even more. there is an open section where everybody can get some information and a member section, the class 2014 where some deeper teachings are given. The Headmistress and Staff paying more attention to the Students who enrolled the class 2014 as they are considerd the more serious gurls.

The House of Mamasan, We are in the middle of renovating this rl House and will open very soon. this rl House is a Community where gurls, sissy, whores or sluts can have a short or long term stay. here We providing rl lessons, support, advice in every aspect. giving you a chance to go deeper in discovering yourself in any direction you feel. this means also a follow up after the rl stay

the Teachingstaff of the Sissyschool and House of Mamasan is carefully selected by the Headmistress, different criteria before becomming staff were needed as We take our job serious and wish to take gurls, sissies, whores or sluts out of the closet, descriminationcorner.

You being young is absolutely not a negative aspect, the younger one is discovering themselve the better, some older gurls truely regretting their late discovery, they get a feeling like they have lost to many years, a whole life

so Delilah, feel free to read My Sissyschool, join the class2014... and do not hesitate to apply if You wish more info or help. one advice.. ALWAYS use the fullest respect towards HeadMistress and Staff

Queen Aunty Niki

2014-02-17 11:06:34
i love to wear sissy babydolls, the shorter the better, matched with a gstring ... yum

2014-02-14 12:07:15
This sissy was caught by my girl friend when she came home early from work. I took the afternoon off for some girly fun wearing some of her clothes. She caught me wearing her stockings, panties, bra, high heels, skirt and top. She was very amused by my situation and started to dress me.

2014-02-13 12:08:49
Sissy Aerobic Classes great fun idea Mistress

2014-02-10 12:35:05
I respectfully salute you Aunty Nikki,

I have been using chastity devices for about 15 years. Initially I did not have a keyholder.

I used various methods of prolonging my period in the device including posting the keys to myself on Friday morning using second class mail which would be delivered to me on the following Tuesday while I was at work. So I was without the key for five days. I made myself remain locked up for up too a month.

In 2009 I found an on line keyholder who set me a schedule for the period of time I would be locked up and she required me to remain locked up for three months, however she sent me the key once a month so that I could attend to my hygiene needs. So far my devices had all been plastic (CB 2000)
I was still in possession of an emergency key which was in a sealed packet.

In 2009 I also got a Prince Albert piercing (PA) which improved the security as the chain attached to the PA ring prevented removal of the device. If I "pulled out" of the device either accidentally (which happened from time to time) or purposely I still could not remove it.

In 2010 I was taken on by the Mistress who now owns me. The device was changed to a steel, open weave cage which was easier to clean. Initially she used a key to control my period in the device. Mistress extended my lockups to three months and checked on the health of Her Property with each extension. I no longer had possession of the security key. It was lodged with a nearby friend who knew I was locked up.

The security method was then changed to the use of numbered tags of which she made a note.
The emergency key was no longer needed as I could report any emergencies to Mistress ans send her a photo over the phone to prove I needed to remove the device. I had to break the seal, reinstall the device and send her another picture of the new tag in place within 10 minutes.

Mistress trained me well and late last year she had me remove the device and refrain from touching Her property. The first time she tried I managed one month without lapsing before she had me lock up again. on 20th November she instructed me to remove the device again. I lasted until February 1st before I begged her to let me replace the device.

In that time the torment and frustration had built up to the extent that I was distracted nearly all the time by desires to have an orgasm. I was not allowed to have one before I replaced the device but strangely the torment has abated. I still feel the want of an orgasm but rely on the chastity device to prevent it.

I do not know when Mistress will allow me to have an orgasm. My last was in mid November so I am now approaching three months. The longest period she has denied me in the past was 6 months so I am not expecting one any time soon.

2014-02-09 12:58:41
I hope I will be a good sissy pupil. sissyslut valerie

2014-02-06 14:49:54
i agree that all sissies must sit to pee. over the last 20 yrs i have had no choice but to squat. i have a prince albert piercing which has a stretched 8mm hole so i have no choice.
sissy chastity von My Sissy School

2014-02-04 21:19:11
I must have been 24, It started when I was leaving my friends house. His girlfriend was bagging up all her old clothes to throw away to a re-store. I noticed this and was very keen to take her clothes for myself. I told here I could drop them off on my way back home. After she quickly agreed, i took the bags of clothes and put them in my car, but instead of driving to the place to leave them, I continued onward to my house. I got home and took her clothes inside. I got to finally look at what she was getting rid of. Sexy skirts, lovely tops, undershirts, jeans, and stockings. I decide to try some of the cute things on, so I went and put my panties and bra on and came back to the bags. I pulled out a tan skirt that went half way up my thighs. Also I found a spaghetti strap shirt to try on. I slipped the skirt up over my lacy panties, and pulled the shirt over my little 34a gurly breasts. What an amazing feeling, to be all sexy, I had never been in anything more than my panties and bras up til then. I felt amazing, I put on my blonde curly wig, slipped into my 4" white heels, gave another once over in the mirror and decided to go on a quick walk. It was about 9:00 at night, and the streets seemed to be calm and quiet. I left my third floor apartment, and began my trip down the stairs. I was in heaven, walking down the bottom of the stairs dressed all sexy. As I reached the bottom step, I see a tenant shutting his car door and heading inside. There I am, like a deer in headlights as his eyes glance my way, I think he recognized me from the building because he cracked a smile. I turned to start heading back to the safety of my apartment. As I reach the second flight of steps, He is now on the first flight. I am sure that my short skirt decision is now in jeopardy, and I can feel him staring up them as he climbed the steps below me. I reach the top flight and take off to my apartment hoping he doesn't see where I live at. I'm excited at what has just taken place and feel I have gotten away with a close one. I collapse onto my sofa and just lay there, feeling womanly, and sexy. About 20 minutes later, I hear a knock on my door. I gaze through the peephole, and its him. I play quiet and wait til he leaves. Nothing happens for the rest of the night. I slipped into my new PJs and fell asleep in bed.

The next morning, I awoke to find a note pushed under my front door. It read: Wow, you were looking so sexy last night, I saw you at the front door and was turned on. Then you let me see up your skirt on the stairs, I almost exploded. If only you were home when I stopped by.........

So I think I got caught, but havent seen him sinse. Must have been visiting a friend in the building

2014-02-03 13:02:47
re: cum taste
this is one of my hard limits :-(
as soon as i shoot my load, my desire to continue disappears sadly.
the only way i can do it is with sucking on ice block 'cumsicles'
i know to be a good sissy that i have to learn to accept eating cum and like it , its just very difficult for me for now.
i hope to find a way around this so i am ready for a real cock :-)


2014-01-30 13:55:02
I've never worn a chastity belt for more than 48 hours, but my wife controls my orgasms, I'm a sissy cuckold. I have currently gone 191 days without 'squirting' despite daily controlled masturbation. My body is a tingling sissy sex machine and I live for those moments when I feel her lovers balls on my tongue, his cock fucking my face until he is prepared to have his way with her!

2013-06-05 20:12:56
Mistress I gotta say, you rock this website!

2013-04-06 18:07:32
greetings Head Mistress, this sissy is also very willing to be pimped out for Your pleasure. i would love to be Your whore. waiting for Your further commands M'Lady

2012-03-22 19:09:12
Wow, vielleicht stlloe ich mir das mit den eigenen Vids lieber doch nochmal fcberlegen, wenn man danach solche mails bekommt, freaky!!!

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